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Tuesday, Debtember 17, 2002

More enlightened palms

Mark, JeffK and I met to take even more pictures of enlightened palms. Driving around looking for a good place to photograph, we came across a small park just south of Mizner Park (a shopping center) in Boca Raton. We parked the car about a block away and I proceeded to take numerous pictures. In the middle was an interesting abstract sculpture that was a nice focal point to some of the photographs. While we were there, Kelly called and we convinved him to drive out and meet us.

After a few hours, we decided to move on and as we drove past Mizner Park itself, we realized it was a terrific place to take pictures. By then I had run out of battery power, so Kelly and I went off to a local 7-11 to get more batteries while Mark and JeffK waited at Mizner Park for our return. As we drove back, a security guard started following us, so we decided it wasn't worth the possible problems; it was after 1:00 am and Mizner Park is considered private property. At this point, Mark and Jeff felt it was late enough and since they had to work the next morning, decided to bail out. Kelly and I continued driving around, but there weren't any places as impressive as Mizner Park, although I did take quite a few pictures from the front seat.

Around 3:30 am Kelly and I were both hungry, so we drove to a diner he knew of in Ft. Lauderdale; it looked closed as we drove up to it, but it turned out that the signage was being worked on. Afterwards Kelly dropped me off, then he himself went home.

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