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Wednesday, Debtember 11, 2002

Will trespass for enlightened palms

I did another attempt tonight. I found myself at the shopping center (you can see my car in the lower right corner of the picture) for a second try. I had just parked my car behind a hedge when just over the top I see the lights of a police cruiser slide by, heading out of the shopping center and onto the main road; the cop either ignored my presence or didn't see me, which suited me fine. I grabbed the camera and tripod and started walking, only to see a security van drive by, again either ignoring me or not seeing me.

Other than that, there was much less traffic this time.

This time, setting the camera to night scenes, no flash, artificial lighting and ASA 100 the images came out much better.

It was only as I was walking back did I notice the “NO TRESPASSING” signs leading into the shopping center and I had to wonder, Am I really trespassing? Technically it might be, but I had only used the area to park the car; I wasn't really hanging out in the area and I did park very near the entrance.

Good thing I had just missed the cops.

“If it's useless, it must be art …”

I rather like this image which was the result of an experient I did tonight.

Can you tell I've been playing around with graphic images tonight?

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