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Monday, March 04, 2002

Office space

New space, new Computer Room. At Condo Conner, the Computer Room was a separate room in which I (and later Spring) stuffed all my (our) computers in. That was in 1994. Prior to that I had the home computers sharing my bedroom, and for now, it looks like the Computer Room at the Facility in the Middle of Nohwere is also the master bedroom as well.

Such is life.

The last work office I actually liked the most was my FAU office I had in the Math Department while I was a Computer Science undergrad working for a professor and graduate student from Complex Systems and Brain Sciences. Yes, quite the interdisciplinary work experience there and I had pretty much an entire office to myself (officially, I shared it with two graduate students who were almost never there). Black board, shelves of reference material, a fold out bed and a couple of computers all to myself. My only complaint, and it isn't much of one: no window, so it was easy to loose oneself in time.

I spent a good four years working out of that office, ostensibly part time (and at one tremendious rate for an undergrad) and loving nearly every minute of it. Ask me what I did though, and I couldn't tell you—heck, I didn't fully understand what I was working on there, just that it involved some heavy math and some light visualization work (one project took over a year to compute, and three days to transfer the images to video tape).

I don't think I will ever have an office quite like that again.

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