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Sunday, October 28, 2018

A blog post about blogging—how meta

I know I'm not blogging as much as I used to, but I was curious as to how much less blogging I'm doing. To that end, I calculated some figures and yes, it's depressing.

For instance, back in 2003:

Number of posts per month—2003
Jan 200334
Feb 200333
Mar 200320
Apr 200324
May 200328
Jun 200330
Jul 200325
Aug 200321
Sep 200323
Oct 200324
Nov 200319
Dec 200339

It was a fairly steady output of posts back then. Let's compare that to now:

A depressing number of posts per month—2018
Jan 20188
Feb 20188
Mar 20186
Apr 20182
May 20182
Jun 20181
Jul 201816
Aug 201811
Sep 20188
Oct 201821

Yeah, the best month of 2018 barly beats the worst month of 2003 (and that count for October includes this post). Looking over all the numbers, it appears that I seriously started slacking in 2010. The reason appears to be an uptick in work when I was working with Smirk, and then getting a “real job” a few months later (when I first encountered The Protocol Stack From Hell). The anomaly was 2015:

Not a bad number of posts per month—2015
Jan 201542
Feb 201537
Mar 201539
Apr 201536
May 201535
Jun 201538
Jul 201548
Aug 201539
Sep 201537
Oct 201541
Nov 201524
Dec 201523

I remember it feeling like work to post so much, but I like having written all those posts. Man, first world problems, right?

I think the aspect leading to this is My­Face­Google­Linked­In­Space­Book­Plus. A long time ago I added a feature to automatically post links to my blog to Facebook just so I didn't have to log in and manually update it with the link. Of course, the other Face­Google­Linked­My­Space­Book­Plus­In sites made it difficult to automate that, so I still had to manually add links to them. And then Facebook changed to maintain the status quo with the other Face­Google­Linked­My­Book­Plus­In­Space sites so now I'm stuck manually adding links to all the Linked­My­Face­Google­Plus­In­Space­Book sites.

Granted, I brought this upon myself by wanting to add links to Face­Google­Linked­My­Plus­In­Space­Book, but it's still a point of friction when updating this site. I would love it if it were all automated, but alas, the Linked­My­Face­Google­Plus­In­Space­Book's of the world want their walled gardens and XXXX the rest of the web. It is what it is.

I want to blog more. I do keep a backlog of entries I want to write, but getting the motivation to write is difficult.

Perhaps if I stop thinking about it, and Just Do It™ (do I now owe Nike royalties?).

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