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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Heaven forbid he ever try to climb a tree (not like it's easy to climb palm trees … )

I'm beginning to think child safety is getting way out of hand. I was driving home from resolving a customer issue (nothing major—just needed to reset a port on a switch—thank you ever so much, Monopolistic Phone Company), driving down the street towards Chez Boca when I saw a kid, maybe four or five years old, wandering about, on foot, close to home (easily within 50′ of the front door), wearing a bicycle helmet! There was no sign of any type of pedal-powered vehicle in the vicinity, although his mother was nearby, sitting on the front lawn watching out for the little kid.

He was wearing a bicycle helmet while walking!

Around his age, I was flying headfirst into ditches on my bicycle sans helmet and the only lasting affect is an inability to spell sertain words correctly. Well, that, and a tendency to say “that” instead of “who.”

He was wearing a bicycle helmet while walking, people!

Then again, I should be amazed he was let outside at all …

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