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Friday, June 23, 2006

“I'm so bad, I vacation in Detroit.”

So it's cold and dark and people are out of work, and there isn't any public transportation. And the air is polluted and the streets are dirty. Not so much “1996” as it is “Detroit.”

Stupid Comics #58

Very funny comment about a Canadian comic from the 70s, but at the same time, quite true.

Ah, the joys of medical insurance

I was there to pick up a renewal on a prescription and the man behind the counter fetched it and announced, “That'll be $91.88.” I said … well, here. I'll let you listen in on what I said …

ME: What? I've been getting that prescription for two years and it's always been ten bucks.

PHARMACIST: (after consulting his computer) You're renewing it ahead of schedule. Your insurance doesn't pay unless you're within seven days of running out.

ME: And when will I be within seven days of running out?

PHARMACIST: (after consulting his computer again) June 20.

ME: It's 11:54 PM. In six minutes, it'll be June 20.

PHARMACIST: And in six minutes, it'll be ten dollars.

ME: I suppose there's no point in mentioning that I'm not going to be taking that pill tonight. I am just as “out of it” as I will be in six minutes.

PHARMACIST: Right. There's no point in mentioning that. At this moment, it's $91.88.

I went to the end of the line and saved eighty bucks. Makes you wonder what the mark-up is on these pills. And the funny/sad part of it is that this particular drug is also sold over-the-counter without a prescription for $23. I'd hate to think there are uninsured people out there who don't know that and are paying the $91.88, but I'll bet there are.

news from me: Odds 'n' Ends

My take: the pharmacist probably had to enter the prescription on a computer and couldn't fudge the time and date (much like in the 70s, people would get a bill for $0.00 and when they didn't pay, got sent to collections until they actually sent in a check made out to $0.00—yeah, probably an urban legend, but computerized systems are often funny like that).

A grilled cheese sandwich without cheese

“Would you like a grilled cheese sandwich?” asked Spring.

“Yes,” I said.

“How many? One, or two?”

I thought for a moment. “Two,” I said. Spring headed off towards the kitchen.

“Here you go,” said Spring, handing me a plate with two grilled cheese sandwiches.

“Thank you,” I said. It was then I noticed that Spring had brought me one grilled cheese sandwich, and one grilled cheese sandwich without cheese. I'm used to getting a hamless ham and cheese without the cheese, but this is the first time I got a grilled cheese sandwich without cheese (I should note that upon hearing that she made me a grilled cheese sandwich without cheese that she took said sandwich back into the kitchen and added the missing cheese).

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