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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Well … THAT'S interesting

At 5am on April 18, 2005, the CEO of the Ubiqua Seraph corporation … emerged through a stargate in the Haras system, accompanied by her most trusted lieutenant. She wouldn't leave alive …

By 6am it was over. Every Ubiqua Seraph office in the galaxy was raided, the contents of every hangar—including the corporate coffers—ransacked. [The CEO's] ship was destroyed, her escape pod nuked and her vacuum-frozen corpse scooped into the cargo bay of [the attacker's ship]. This was the only proof their client had requested.

Via this comment on theferrett's livejournal and through this page we get Murder Incorporated: Contract killers devastate mega-corporation ( page 2, page 3, page 4)

Sounds like a science fiction movie, right?


Or maybe a science fiction book?


Not real life either.

Well, not quite. But close enough.

It happened on a massively multiplayer role playing game called EVE Online and it wasn't a scripted event by the company, but rather, an actual event that happened between players and planned for over a year.

Nice to know that greed, vice, crime, betrayal and assasinations are not limited to the real world but will also follow us into the virtual realms we create. Heh.

Still, a very interesting turn of events in a virtual game, and unlike traditional role playing games where you know the game master (and are sitting around a table with a bunch of friends) this time you don't know the game master, and you probably have not even met your “partners” in real life.

User driven stories.

Probably the only way that MMORPGs will survive in the future.

To go with your five dollar shake

At about 5½ inches across and 2½ inches thick, the mound of meat comprises beef from three continents—American prime beef, Japanese Wagyu (Kobe) and Argentine cattle.

“Heaven on a bun,” [restaurant owner Marc] Sherry said.

Burger in Boca a mere $124.50

And at $124.50 per burger, it had better be a XXXX good burger! (link via my friend JeffK).

Test Launches III

Our neighbor was once again firing off fireworks tonight. I mentioned to Wlofie that I must be missing some sort of holiday because this is the third day in a row they were firing fireworks. Wlofie mentioned that it's the Summer Solstice, which is a big holiday in Finland and Sweden.

There's a rather large Finish population here in Lake Worth.

That makes more sense than test firing fireworks for the Fourth of July.

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