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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

She's ariving on a jet plane!

Spring is back! Woo hoo!

Unlike her leaving, I did have problems driving down to the Miami International Airport. Her flight on British Airways was scheduled to arrive at 6:05pm, which meant that I was going to bear the brunt of rush hour traffic for some fifty miles.

Pulling onto the freeway at 4:30pm I hit traffic. No noticable reason for the parking lot on I-95. Once past the next exit, it speeded up, until the following exit where traffic came back to a crawl, then resumed, then crawled. Traffic physics at work.

Little over an hour later I arrive, and head towards the parking garage. Delays yet again, but instead of the mysteries of traffic physics, there was a visible reason for the delay—car inspections! I'm still not clear on whether airports are now completely under Federal control or not and if so, then I have serious problems with their trampling of the Fourth Amendment; although if airports are not under Federal control, I would still have problems but the Fourth Amendment only covers what the government can and cannot do—it doesn't cover private property (although a debate could be made about the nature of an airport used by the public).

I'm not even sure what exactly they were looking for though. When it came time for my car to be searched (the cars immediately in front of me had a rather extensive search done) they had me pop the trunk, spent maybe all of five seconds looking, then letting me on my way.


After that, it was about a half hour wait until Spring cleared Customs.

Woo hoo!

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