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Tuesday, April 02, 2024

It only took 25 years for my idea to catch on

I was exchanging emails with Christian about online document structure when I mentioned The Electric King James Bible and it's rather unique addressing scheme. I came up with that 25 years ago [Good Lord! Has it been that long? —Sean] [Yes. —Editor] [Yikes! —Sean] to precisely pull up Bible verses—anywhere from one verse to an entire book. Of all the Bible sites across the Intarwebs I've come across since have never used such an elegant, and to me, obvious, way of referencing the Bible online. Usually they use a URL format like <>.

But Christian mentioned Sefaria as using my method, and true enough, it does! <> does indeed go to the Noah's Ark story. I think that's neat! I don't know if they were inspired by my site (unlikely, but not completely out of the relms of possibility) or just came up with it on their own, but it's nice to see someone else is using an easy to hack URL form for Bible references.

There are differences though—my site only brings up the requested material, whereas Sefaria implements a bidirectional “Scroll Of Doom” where additional material appears when you go up or down. I can't say I'm a fan of that, but it apparently works for them.

Dear LinkedIn, why are you still asking me these questions?

LinkedIn is still asking me to participate as an expert answering questions—this time, “You're a system architect. How do you decide which programming languages to learn?” And just below that is “Powered by AI and the LinkedIn community.”

Sigh. Eu tu, LinkedIn?

I'm still tempted to answer, but no. I can't just bear to answer this how I would want to answer it. Besides, if you know where to look, you might find my answers anyway.

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