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Saturday, November 18, 2023

WTF Instagram? Seriously, WTF?

So I'm trying to update the profile on “my Instragram account” when I see this: “Editing your links is only available on mobile. Visit the Instagram app and edit your profile to change the websites in your bio.”


I can edit my bio, and my gender, but I can't update a link? Because I'm on a desktop computer?

I figure, maybe I can hack the form to enable that field? I toggle the Web Developer Tools in Firefox and immedately see this:

 .d8888b.  888                       888    
d88P  Y88b 888                       888    
Y88b.      888                       888    This is a browser feature intended for 
 "Y888b.   888888  .d88b.  88888b.   888    developers. If someone told you to copy-paste 
    "Y88b. 888    d88""88b 888 "88b  888    something here to enable an Instagram 
      "888 888    888  888 888  888  Y8P    feature or "hack" someone's account, 
Y88b  d88P Y88b.  Y88..88P 888 d88P         it is a scam and will give them access 
 "Y8888P"   "Y888  "Y88P"  88888P"   888    to your Instagram account.

See for more information.

Heh. But in the meantime …

… and nope. The link field has no name, and even if I remove the disabled attribute, it won't let me type in it (and as an aside, the “gender” field isn't even an HTML field element, but the word “Male” wrapped in four <DIV>s and a <SPAN>, each with fifteen classes attached to them—what the hell?). I'm so far removed from “modern web development” that I probably can't hack this without significant effort that I'm too lazy to do.


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