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Monday, October 23, 2023

One of the rarest gas stations in the United States

One of the YouTube channels I watch is Phil Edwards, and on October 10th, I managed to catch his request for help—he wanted people local to a dozen cities to provide some phone video. I noticed that one of the cities mentioned was Lake Worth Beach, Florida. I once lived in Lake Worth, Florida—could it be near there?

Turns out, Lake Worth is Lake Worth Beach, having changed its name in 2019 in order to rebrand itself. And while Lake Worth Beach (and I don't think I'll ever get used to that name) is a bit north of Chez Boca, it isn't that far to drive. I felt it would be interesting to see what project Phil Edwards has in mind, so I signed up.

The project involved video of a gas station, and not just any gas station, but one of a dozen stations still branded with Standard Oil (which are now owned by Chevron Corporation).

On the 12th, I drove to Lake Worth Beach and videoed the only Standard gas station in Florida. As stations go, it wasn't that special. It didn't have a distinctive architetural style, nor did it look all that old. It looked like every other Chevron gas station, except for the “Standard” label that most people probably just ignore. Heck, I lived just a few miles down the roat from this station and I never knew it was a Standard gas station, that's how unremarkable it is.

I'm only mentioning this now as Phil's video on Standard gas stations is now up on YouTube. The footage I supplied can be seen at the 2:35 mark (all four seconds of it).

So I guess that means I can add “videographer” to my résumé now.


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