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Friday, Debtember 23, 2022

Notes on an overheard conversation as the radio was playing “Winter Wonderland”

“Oh, that's Wayne Newton!”

Wayne Newton?


“Are you sure that's not Eartha Kitt?”

“Yes dear, Eartha Kitt has a much lower singing register.”

Extreme tiny house, Asheville edition

“That is not a tiny house,” said Bunny.

“But it is, it's only 480 square feet.” [45 square meters —Editor]

“It feels big.”

“It does, and the design is wonderful.”

We were talking about this $80,000 home in the Ashville, North Carolina area. While it's technically a tiny house, it manages to feel big (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and recording studio), while being one of the more beautiful examples of a home I've seen (although we were not fans of the alternating tread stair cases, we do understand why they were used). You would never guess it was made from mostly recycled and unused materials. It's just gorgeous.

Some alternative do-it-yourself keyboards

I'm always fascinated by alternative keyboards, especially when they're hand made. Matthew Dockrey has made two of them. The first is based on old print technology, the two-thirds keyboard, which involved creating his own keycaps. And then there is his pocket typewriter, which is exactly what it is—a manual typewriter that fits in your pocket. It's mad stuff, but it's fantastic at the same time.

“Outdoors is currently not heated”

From my friend Tom , who posted this on Me­Linked­My­Insta­Face­Space­Book­We­Gram­In, a TV sports caster forced to report on the weather. He makes his opinion on the weather (in a live report) loud and clear. I can only hope he keeps his job.

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