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Monday, November 28, 2022

This update took a bit longer than I expected

I once mentioned updating mod_litbook to run under a later version of Apache. I wanted to do that because I've been running two instances of Apache—a later version that reverse proxies back to Apache 1.3 which just runs mod_litbook and nothing else, just to save me the agony of porting the code at the time. It only took me twelve years to locate the round tuit on my desk, but hey, better late than never.

I did do a mod_lua version of mod_litbook first, based on the version running on my Gemini server. With that (twelve years after I first played with mod_lua) and two hours of time, I was able to match the output from the original version (nice!). But it should be easy to update the actual mod_litbook source code to the latest version of Apache, right?


Yeah, kind of. it took two days, but I got it updated. I wasted the better part of a few hours trying to follow the instructions in the modules/examples directory which turns out to be laughably out of date. Once I found the proper guide things went much more smoothly—mostly function name changes and removing calls to obsolete functions. I also decided to go ahead and use the Apache Portable Runtime API instead of standard C functions as long as I was updating the code.

Now I just have to install the latest version of Apache on my server.



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