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Saturday, September 24, 2022

You move sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another inch over and deeper in exhaustion

So for reasons, Bunny and I are moving items from one storage unit company to another, and as part of that move, we're consolidating into a larger storage unit. We have a 10′×15′ storage unit (3m×5m for those who use sane units) with a garage type door.

The shelving units we use are these plastic module units that are easy to knock down and put back up. We have one wall lined with shelves already. Yesterday, we moved three more shelves into the unit along the opposite wall. Bunny was concerned about having enough space to close the garage door, but I assured her we had plenty of room by laying down one yet-to-be-installed shelf on the floor and showing that it fit into the space and didn't extend beyond the opening.

So today, we were moving another shelving unit into the new unit. I put up the shelving unit and went to test the placement by shutting the garage door.

That's when I found this small flange on the bottom the door. It's only about an inch wide (2.5cm) but it was wide enough to hit the newly installed shelving unit when closing the door. Then I was looking at three full shelving units that needed to shift over an inch or two (5cm). What's the saying? Measure twice, cut once?


So with no other option, I started to unload the shelves …


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