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Friday, Debtember 17, 2021

“Well, there's your solution!”

It turns out that Bunny's brother is a qualfied electrician, and even though he's 3,000 miles away, a few pictures and several phone calls were enough for him to walk us through replacing the problematic outlet. The hardest part—kneeling on the granite gravel beneath the outlet. Ouch. But we had everything we needed. I even found a duplicate receptacle tester in my toolbox!

And now the outlet works. But I did state to Bunny that if that outlet ever gives us trouble again, I'm calling an electrician—I'm not kneeling on gravel if I can help it.

C++11 is supported, but not C11 … of course

So I notice that JC used GCC atomic intrinsics for “Project: Bradenburg”. I also found out which distribution we're using for the Linux build servers, so I have that installed as a VM. I'm toying around with going back to C for “Project: Bradenburg,” and given that C11 has support for atomics, it seemed like a way of getting more portable atomics in the codebase.

Of course the Linux distribution we use supports C++11, but it lacks C11 support. Of course it does!

C11 is only a ten year old standard, so let's not rush into things here! But C++11—full steam ahead! It's 10 years old already! Why aren't you using it?

Words fail me.

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