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Friday, July 02, 2021

A small heads up to my D&D group

Some background: I've been running the “every-other-week” D&D game for two years now, and my players are suspicious of everything I toss out.

So I have to wonder what it says about me that most of the ideas from Probably Bad RPG Ideas (link via Kirk Israel) actually sound fun. You know, like “the big bad of your campaign—the quest-giving innkeeper from the starting tavern.” Or “rolling a natural 1 on any skill check counts as a natural 20 on an opposite skill check (i.e. a 1 on Persuasion counts as a 20 on intimidation, etc.).”

That can be fun.

And funnily enough, this idea: “a D&D item that gives a really high bonus to a choosen stat, but it also makes you brutally honest about absolutely everything,” is something I already do (as my group knows all too well). And I was a player in a game where “Disney is secretly run by a True Fae because the two elements of Arcadia are stories and contracts so by using complex contracts to get control of all stories it can become the most powerful being in Faerie” (and as a side note—isn't that true already?).

And perhaps I shouldn't mention this one because my players already know about the tarrasque (using the D&D spelling here) beneath the city but (if you are a player in my game—skip this bit) it's too good not to contemplate: “make the tarrasque closer to its mythic origins by saying if hit with a ranged touch attack by holy water, it's now your best friend and fetches you slippers and rolls over so you can pet its belly.”

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