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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Is it really a first world problem when DSL required for working and it's down?

Two weeks ago our DSL line went down and the ETA kept being extended and extended until it finally came up last Thursday, a few days before the last ETA we received from the Monopolistic Phone Company of Saturday evening.

There was much rejoicing (woot).

For about four hours, when it promptly went down again.

When it initially went down two weeks ago, there was no indication of a problem on our DSL modem as all the lights were green—the issue was purely somewhere in the Monopolistic Phone Company's network and from what I understand, it's getting harder to find replacement DSL equipment (and sadly, DSL from the Monopolistic Phone Company is the only game here in the boondocks that is Boca Raton). This time, however, the DSL connection light was flashing red, meaning the DSL couldn't connect to the DSLAM, but try telling the Monopolistic Phone Company that. Their response was “there's an outstanding ticket for your area that is currently being worked on and is expected to be resolved by Saturday evening,” even though our neighbor across the street, who has the same plan as us, is up and running.

It took multiple levels of escalation to even get the Monopolistic Phone Company to admit that, “oh yes, one system shows the work has been done for your area, but the system our front line techs use hasn't been updated yet.” The earliest service appointment was today.

The service tech came out, and upon looking into the issue, found that our phone line had been cut at the pole!

No one has any idea why.

Very odd.

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