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Saturday, May 16, 2020

A busy day

It's a busy day today.

First off, the power shut off long enough for the computers to be shut down but short enough that maybe the UPSs would not have drained completely. Sigh. And 10 minutes after the power is restored, I've already blocked half a dozen IP addresses trying to log in via ssh.

I also received three bug reports for my Motorola 6809 emulator. This is the first time in eight years I've received a bug report for that particular project. It's nice to know that someone found the project useful.

I"ve also become aware of a potential email issue with my server that probably started when I last had issues with email. Briefly, when my server (a virtual server which I think is part of the cause) makes an outgoing connection, the other end sees the IP address of the physical host my server is on, not the IP address assigned to my server. This has some serious implications with email and I need to get it resolved. Sigh.

I'm also planning tomorrow's D&D session. We're also going to try using Zoom for hosting the session as Roll20 is not quite stable nor fast to use. Roll20 also seems to suck up all the bandwidth here at Chez Boca which I find annoying.

And I finally checked—it's only been 61 days since the quarantine has started. Just two months. Man, it feels like it's been forever.

Update on Wednesday, June 10TH, 2020

I solved the issue with email. Finally!

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