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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

How I ended up with a month of non-entries

So how did I end up with a month of non-entries? Therein lies a tale …

While the first entry of my blog is dated Debtember 4TH, 1999, the software running the blog, mod_blog wasn't even started yet—maybe. The previous October and November I spent writing mod_litbook (the software behind The Electric King James Bible) which was the inspiration for how links work around here. I'm not sure if I started the software that Debtember or not, since I spent the rest of the month visiting Dad out in Palm Springs, California.

My first post about mod_blog appears to be on March 13TH, so sometime between Debtember of 1999 and March of 2000 is when I started coding mod_blog. But until mod_blog was ready, I was basically maintaining a bunch of static pages by hand. I then spent over a year and a half writing the software. Most of the time I spent trying to figure out how to generate the appropriate hyperlinks—I was trying to generate anchor links (<A HREF="#2000/10/15.1">) if the entry was on screen, otherwise a hyperlink (<A HREF="/2000/10/15.1">) if the entry wasn't on the screen, while at the same time trying to generate an on-page directory of entries currently being displayed—it was a real mess.

By early October of 2000, I had finalized the storage format for each entry. But that was also the month I started working at Negiyo and the first few weeks were pretty tough. I think I just forgot to go back and flesh out those entries. Besides, at that point, the blog wasn't on a public server and only a small select set of friends had the actual link to it.

It wasn't until October 23RD, 2001 that I finally had enough with the development and decided to go public with what I had. I didn't have the anchor links like I wanted (but that turned out to be a bad idea in the long term anyway), nor the directory of entries (and I still don't have an automatic list of past entries—the archive section I add to every month). Besides, I really wanted to make that synopsis of Atlas Shrugged public (yes, that's what finally prompted me to get mod_blog shipped), so I copied everything on the private server (including the month of non-entries) to the public server and the rest has been online ever since.

And that's how I ended up with a month of non-entries, and curiousity as to what “a wired Jamison” is all about.

Get off the lawn, my younger self!

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