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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

“We have both kinds of food—natural and organic!”

“Look! Customers! WE HAVE CUSTOMERS!

“Um … this isn't a good sign, is it?”

Burganic is an all-organic fast food restaurant located in Boca Raton, Florida. Our flagship location is opening soon & will be offering organic burgers, salads, sodas, french fries, & more.

Burganic | Organic Burger Restaurant in Boca Raton

“So … um … what is mambo sauce?” I ask.

“That is our signature house sauce. It is very good!

“Okay … I think I'll have the fastie burger, the fresh cut fries and an unsweetened ice tea.”

“Excellent. And you?”

“The same. Only with the lemonade.”


“I assume the lemonade is freshly made?”

“Yes. Lemons. Sugar. Water. Turmeric.”


“It's for the color.”


“It is very good!

“… okay?”

We prepare our salads with all-naturally grown, veggies and grass fed beef. Our beef is sourced from the best ranches in the country and free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics. So that statement actually is correct. Organic means nothing at all.

Burganic | Organic Burger Restaurant in Boca Raton

The burgers and fries arrive, with a few small containers of ketchup and one of the “mambo sauce.” I take a fry and dip it into the mambo sauce. I'm curious how good the “signature house sauce” is. I take a bite.

All I taste is the french fry.

I dip another fry into the sauce.

All I taste is the french fry.

Perhaps the aggressive taste of the fries is overpowering the sauce? I dip my finger into the sauce and taste it. I dip my finger again into the sauce and attempt to taste it.

I can't taste a thing.

There is no taste to the sauce.

I find it rather unsettling. It's there. I'm eating it. It's not bad! It's not good either. It's just there.

I then try the burger.

I then try the burger again.

This is amazing—there is no taste to the burger. It's not bad. It's not good. It's just there. Just like the mambo sauce.

The only thing that has any taste is the fries. Which, frankly, are okay.

The lemonade, however, was not.

We believe in the value of organic ingredients, without the need to sacrifice flavor — that's why everything we offer at Burganic is organic!

Burganic | Organic Burger Restaurant in Boca Raton

“This is a bad cover of Pink Floyd's ‘Money””

“No, that's the original version.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yup. See, even Shazam agrees … ”

“It sounds like a college band trying to sound like Pink Floyd.”

“The speakers are crappy.”

“Yeah … ”

“And I think it's being played a bit faster than normal.”

“Could be … ”

“With horrible compression.”

“I'm still not convinced that's Pink Floyd.”

All-Natural does not mean Organic, nor does it come with any guarantees. "All-Natural" foods can still have heavily processed ingredients, whereas Organic foods do not.

Burganic | Organic Burger Restaurant in Boca Raton

I don't think Bunny and I will be going back any time soon.

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