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Sunday, August 11, 2019

See, this is one reason why I'm leery about updates

A few days ago I noticed my iPhone notifying me of a “critical security update.” And it was only for the iPhone, not the iPad. Sigh. Fine. Download, install, and get on with my life.

Only a few days go by and I finally clued in that I wasn't receiving any actual phone calls! Not that that really bugs me, as most of the calls I get these days are spam calls from around the country, but it was odd that my dad has left two voice mails and yet, his calls did not show up on the recently called list.

So I check, and yes, I have no service. I try rebooting the phone, and that didn't work. I tried resetting the network, and that didn't work (and had the side effect of wiping out all known passwords for existing Wi-Fi networks).

Bunny suggested I go through the trouble shooting pages on the Monopolistic Phone Company website as she waited on the phone for a Monopolistic Phone Company Representative and the race was on to see who finished first.

Turns out, I won. I think it was step five where the Monopolistic Phone Company had me turn off the phone (and by “turn off the phone” I mean a hard power down and not just shutting off the screen), pull out the SIM card, push the SIM card back in, and turn the phone on. That turns out to have worked.

And now I can receive all those spam calls warning me that this is the final, no, we really mean it, final warning that my car warrantee has expired and if I don't act now I'm doomed to financial ruin. I honestly don't know how I lived without those calls.

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