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Thursday, August 08, 2019

Who knew ice cream could be so hard?

We have an ice cream maker. I like chocolate ice cream, the darker, the better. And the instruction manual for the ice cream maker lists a recipe for a “decadent chocolate ice cream” which not only calls for Dutch processed cocoa, but 8 ounces (230g) of bittersweet chocolate. I opted for a really dark chocolate, like on the order of 90% cocoa dark chocolate.

Yeah, I like my chocolate dark.

I'm also trying to cut sugar out of my diet as much as possible, so I decided to use a bit less surgar than what the receipe calls for, so this stuff isn't going to be overly sweet.

I get the ice cream base churned, into a plastic bowl and in the freezer, and I wait for several hours, eagerly awaiting some deep, dark, decadent chocolate ice cream.

I end up with a deep, dark, decadent ice chocolate rock.

This isn't hard ice cream. This isn't even ice cream. It's an ice rock is what it is. I try dropping the bowl a few inches onto the kitchen counter to show Bunny how rock-like it is, and the bowl hits the counter, bounces off and shatters onto the floor.

I mentioned it was in a plastic bowl, right?

There are shards of plastic across the kitchen.

The deep, dark, chocolate ice rock is in one piece.

I think the ice cream base was too dense for much, if any, air to get whipped in while churning. Bunny thinks the low surgar content contributed to the rock-like consistency. Both are probably to blame for this. I do recall that the last time I made the “decadent chocolate ice cream, but with all the surgar,” it did tend towards the harder side of ice cream. So I think the next time I should try the basic vanilla recipe with less surgar and see what happens. If that turns out fine, then try the basic chocolate recipe.

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