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Sunday, May 12, 2019

I wonder what they think they're attacking?

In addition to a self written gopher server I also have a QOTD server accepting requests via TCP and UDP. I never mentioned it as I just put it out there to really see what would happen. I will occasionally see a request go by, but over the past two weeks, some people have really been hitting it hard via UDP:

Requests to the UDP QOTD server (over 1000 requests)
host address requests
host address requests 252628 18547 11529 11400 9917 9373 8689 8261 8098 7575 5745 5566 5520 5278 5084 5067 5066 5024 4449 4325 4200 4137 3638 3440 3402 3219 3167 3166 3161 3154 3139 3137 3090 2971 2944 2758 2756 2492 2290 2258 2226 2183 2090 2047 2037 1997 1985 1950 1915 1781 1118 1095

There doesn't see to be much I can find about this, other than a potential link to XBox Live, but that doesn't seem right. It's hard to say. So to see what might be happening, I modified the QOTD program to record anything it receives via UDP. That way, I should be able to figure out if is trying to attack something, or if it really just wants an up-to-date quotes file.

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