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Wednesday, Debtember 26, 2018

Observations made at a mall one day after Christmas

Had I known the traffic around the Town Center Mall was going to be so insane, I would have suggested a different location to meet Bunny. Parking was insane along the Glades Road side—cars were parked everywhere! Even on the grass, and that's saying something because of the 6″  curb between the asphalt the grass! The normal traffic was changed for the holidays and I ended up back on Glades Road unexpectedly. I ended up parking in the back 40 where parking wasn't quite as insane.

I had no idea Microsoft had physical stores, much less one at the mall! I guess they have to keep up with Apple, although the Microsoft store is easily a sixth the size of the Apple one. It's kind of sad, and understandable why it's located away from the Apple store.

I have to wonder about the wisdom of letting high school girls play Just Dance 2015 in the middle of the mall. I also have to wonder about the wisdom of the high school girls who were dancing the Macarena in the middle of the mall. Really? That over “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”?

Kids today.

I was so tempted by the Häagen-Dazs store. But I made my saving throw vs. ice cream and resisted the temptation. I thought I was safe until I saw the Godiva store selling ice cream. I was seriously tempted, but again, I was just able to make my savings throw vs. ice cream.

When did Godiva start selling ice cream? And why did I not get the memo?

Ah, Gallerit! How can I describe you? Um … nouveau riche tackiness. Human sized bronze statues of half-naked women. Gemstone globes on gilted ostentatious stands. Giant sized bronze statues of Brittish Bull Dogs. Famous painting reproductions in huge gaudy frames.

All of it horribly tacky! All of it glorious to behold! And much larger than the Microsoft store!

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