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Thursday, Debtember 06, 2018

The process of our process is to process the process to ensure the process has processed the process

Bunny was helping me with my “self-review” since I was at a total loss of what to even say. “You aren't built for dealing with bureaucratic processes, are you?” she asked.

“No,” I said. “I'm not. I never have been. I remember back in fourth grade—”

“No! I don't want to hear it!”

“And then there was that time in middle school—”

“I'm not listening!”

“So I guess you don't want to hear about high school then?”

“La la la la la la la la la!”

Yeah, my rage against the bureaucratic process goes back a long time.

I mean, I understand that processes are at times required. There can be good reasons to have a process so everybody knows what to expect and get consistent results. But this “self-review” is just not one of them. I eventually spent over eight hours trying to say enough to avoid the “rejected due to cursory responses” (never mind them being “meaty enough” and I still don't know if I succeeded at it). And the weird thing is, the majority of the “goals” didn't even apply to what I do! They were more geared towards a manager than a programmer.


This is almost making me want to work with the Protocol Stack From Hell again.


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