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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

So tonight I'm gonna blog like it's 2002

[Note: If you can't load the following links, then try using The Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy to follow the links. —Editor]

I've been browsing gopher the past few months, and I was very surprised to see an old post on transclusion being referenced on an article about hypertext on gopher I was also referenced in a general post just a few days ago. Finding these links isn't easy.

With HTTP, the server is usually given the page the link was clicked from (the so called “referrer page”) and I can scan the logs to find outside links to my pages (like this page from Lobsters). With gopher though, I have to come across them since the protocol does not include the referring link. In a way, it's even more private than HTTP.

Then again, I could always do a search.

Regardless, I'm not trying to scan gopherspace looking for links back to me. I am honestly following a bunch of phlogs. Reading these I am reminded of what blogging was like back in the early 2000s—technically minded folk talking about whatever and not trying to corner some niche market so they can get advertising revenue. It's quite refreshing actually.

And man is it fast. Without the graphics, ads, autoplaying videos and bloated Javascript frameworks meant to track you across the Intarwebs, it's a nice reminder of what the Internet once was—fast.

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