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Thursday, November 01, 2018

It's the National doing something with a novel Month

November 1st.

That can mean only one thing—it's National Novel Writing Month and National Novel Generation Month.

No … wait! That's two things!

November 1st.

That can mean only two things, it's National Novel Writing Month, National Novel Generation Month and the start of the Christmas season!

No, that's three things … let me try again.

November 1th.

That can only mean three things: the start of National Novel Writing Month, the start of National Novel Generation Month, the start of the Christmas Season and the start of the tourist season here in Lower Sheol.

Darn it!

Anyway, of the many things it could mean, for me, it's the start of National Novel Generation Month and I haven't a clue what to do this year. You know, the idea of writing a novel of 50,000 fictional words is appealing. Something along the idea of:

Eavabyn oofue oh byu joewb ar byu tvueb Iehwew pveovouw, xoby Ihdou Yuhvn, xya xew e revjuv, ehe Eihb Uj, xya xew byu revjuv'w xoru. Byuov yaiwu xew wjeoo, rav byu oijguv ba giooe ob yee ba gu devvoue gn xetah jehn joouw. Byuvu xuvu raiv xeoow, e roaav ehe e vaar, xyody jeeu ahu vaaj; ehe byow vaaj dahbeohue e viwbn oaaioht daaiwbafu, e dipgaeve rav byu eowyuw, e begou, byvuu av raiv dyeovw, ehe byu guew. Ihdou Yuhvn ehe Eihb Uj yee e got gue oh ahu davhuv, ehe Eavabyn e oobbou gue oh ehabyuv davhuv. Byuvu xew ha tevvub eb eoo, ehe ha duooev—usdupb e wjeoo yaou eit oh byu tvaihe, deooue e dndoahu duooev, xyuvu byu rejoon daioe ta oh dewu ahu ar byawu tvueb xyovoxohew evawu, jotybn uhaity ba dviwy ehn giooeoht oh obw peby. Ob xew vuedyue gn e bvep eaav oh byu joeeou ar byu roaav, rvaj xyody e oeeeuv oue eaxh ohba byu wjeoo, eevi yaou.

Oh … well that was a bit easy, not even ten minutes to whip up as an example.

Methinks I'll have to ponder a bit more …

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