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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

All I'm asking for is some consistency between APIs and version numbers

When I first started working with libtls, I thought that TLS_API designated a change in API so that one could work with different versions of the library without breaking the compilation process. Sadly, that wasn't the case, so I switched to using LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER, as that seemed to regularly change with each version.

I was doing this so that my Lua wrapper could be compiled with any version of libtls. Why break things unnecessarily? And things were going fine until I hit version 2.2.1, and well …

Mismatches in libtls between functions added, LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER and TLS_API
  • tls_accept_socket()
  • tls_client()
  • tls_close()
  • tls_config_clear_keys()
  • tls_config_insecure_noverifycert()
  • tls_config_insecure_noverifyhost()
  • tls_config_set_ca_file()
  • tls_config_set_ca_path()
  • tls_config_set_cert_file()
  • tls_config_set_cert_mem()
  • tls_config_set_ciphers()
  • tls_config_set_ecdhcurve()
  • tls_config_set_key_file()
  • tls_config_set_key_mem()
  • tls_config_set_protocols()
  • tls_config_set_verify_depth()
  • tls_config_verify()
  • tls_configure()
  • tls_connect()
  • tls_connect_fds()
  • tls_connect_socket()
  • tls_error()
  • tls_free()
  • tls_init()
  • tls_read()
  • tls_reset()
  • tls_server()
  • tls_write()
0x20000000 20141031
  • tls_load_file()
0x20000000 20141031
  • tls_accept_fds()
0x20000000 20141031
  • tls_config_insecure_noverifytime()
  • tls_config_prefer_ciphers_client()
  • tls_config_prefer_ciphers_server()
  • tls_config_verify_client()
  • tls_config_verify_client_optional()
  • tls_conn_cipher()
  • tls_conn_version()
  • tls_handshake()
  • tls_peer_cert_contains_name()
  • tls_peer_cert_hash()
  • tls_peer_cert_issuer()
  • tls_peer_cert_provided()
  • tls_peer_cert_subject()
  • tls_read() (paramter change)
  • tls_write() (parameter change)
0x20030000 20141031
  • tls_peer_cert_notafter()
  • tls_peer_cert_notbefore()
0x20030001 20141031
  • tls_config_keypair_file()
  • tls_config_keypair_mem()
0x2040000f 20141031
  • tls_accept_cbs()
  • tls_config_add_keypair_file()
  • tls_config_add_keypair_mem()
  • tls_config_alpn()
  • tls_conn_alpn_selected()
  • tls_conn_servername()
  • tls_connect_cbs()
0x2050000f 20160904
  • tls_ocsp_process_response()
  • tls_peer_ocsp_cert_status()
  • tls_peer_ocsp_this_update()
  • tls_peer_ocsp_url()
  • tls_config_add_keypair_ocsp_file()
  • tls_config_add_keypair_ocsp_mem()
  • tls_config_add_ticket_key()
  • tls_config_keypair_ocsp_file()
  • tls_config_keypair_ocsp_mem()
  • tls_config_ocsp_require_stapling()
  • tls_config_ocsp_staple_file()
  • tls_config_ocsp_staple_mem()
  • tls_config_session_id()
  • tls_config_session_lifetime()
  • tls_peer_ocsp_crl_reason()
  • tls_peer_ocsp_next_udpate()
  • tls_peer_ocsp_response_status()
  • tls_peer_ocsp_revocation_time()
0x2050100f 20170126
  • tls_config_crl_file()
  • tls_config_crl_mem()
  • tls_peer_cert_chain_pem()
  • tls_unload_file()
0x2060000f 20170126
  • tls_config_echdecurves()
0x2060100f 20170126
  • tls_config_session_fd()
  • tls_conn_session_resumed()
0x2070000f 20180210

I'm not asking for much. I'm not asking for slavish adherance to semantic versioning. I'm just asking for a consistent way to check an API to I can support earlier versions of a library.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that libtls exists, and as an API, it's much nicer than the eldritch horror of OpenSSL.

I just wish they had updated TLS_API (or LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER) consistently. Otherwise, why have them in the first place?

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