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Monday, July 16, 2018

I don't think this is what McDonald's had in mind when they said “you deserve a break today”

I was at The Scottish Place to pick up some lunch. I placed my order, and while waiting in line, I noticed the telltale signs of Microsoft Windows:

[Image of a crashed Windows box: A stopped clock is right twice a day, unless it's one of those 24-hour clocks which makes it right only once a day, but a crashed Windows box isn't right at any time of day (and some would say that even a functioning Windows box isn't right at any time of the day, but I digress ...)]

Ah, Windows, keep on being your special snowflake self.

But in all seriousness, who set this up? If you are going to run any computer in a public space, I would hope those setting it up would run the bare minimum for the service required (and in this case, just the operating system and whatever program it is that runs the display) and remove everything else. Then, for whatever left is running, is there not some Windows setting to just have it automatically reboot upon an error? Or simply not display warning messages like this on the display meant for public viewing?

I have to wonder how long this message has been here, waiting for someone, anyone, to select an option (or to restart, reboot or reinstall). I wonder if management even cares?

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