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Thursday, July 05, 2018

About this hotel

The hotel is quite nice, but it has … a few oddities that I've never seen before. The first, and most innocuous, are all the automatic lights about the place. There's one in the bathroom, one beneath the night stand and the entire garage appears to have motion sensative lights (it certainly got brighter in the garage when I went back this evening to pick up a USB cable I left in the car). It was rather unexpected, but a pleasant unexpectedness.

The next was also unexpected, but to me, not a pleasant unexpectedness. The mirror in the bathroom is nice, large and certainly bright:

[Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the geekiest of them all?]

But there's this odd greyed out section near the bottom. Here's the not-so pleasant unexpectedness:

[I am, for I have a built in television set and you are just stuck with a smart phone.]

It's a television screen! (and yes, when I turned it on, it was tuned to Fox News. CNN wouldn't have been any better)


First off, are people so addicted to television that one is needed in the bathroom? [Yes. —Editor]. And second, you can't even watch it while sitting on the toilet! You can only watch the television while standing in front of the mirror. That's just … just … weirdly random.

And finally there is this:

[You may look. You may even touch. But on penalty of death, not not remove the elevator stick from the elevator.]

A stick. In the elevator. Just hanging there with a sign saying not to remove it. And it's not limited to one elevator. No, each elevator has a stick, hanging on a sign saying not to remove it. They're just there. I don't know.

Groups of people singing four part harmony. Little People milling about. Elevator sticks. Automatic lightbulbs. Television mirrors.

Orlando is weird!

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