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Friday, November 24, 2017

Microsoft Corporation has stopped the Windows services on my computer. Fancy that

I notice that I missed a call from 866-978-7311. It's not unusual for me to miss calls on my phone, but it is unusual when unknown callers leave voice mail. Must be important, I thought, for them to leave a message. I better listen to it.

The voice is obviously a robot with a feminine voice. “8387. Let me repeat. This is very imprtant call to notify you, that your Microsoft Windows License Key, has been expired in your computer, so Microsoft Corporation has stopped the Windows services in your computer. To renew the Windows License Key, please call me 66 [sic] 978-8387. I will repeat, 866-978-8387.

Okay then! Good thing to know that Microsoft Corporation has stopped all the Windows services in my computer, given that I don't have Windows install on any of my computers. I just hate it when Windows services just run all willy-nilly on my computer. How nice of Microsoft to shut them down.

I'm not even upset that my Microsoft Windows License Key has expired, as I never purchased a copy of Windows in my entire life.

So thank you, robotic female voice from 866-978-7311 for giving me such good news.

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