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Monday, September 11, 2017

Report from the far side

Well, that was interesting.

Hurricane Irma went further west before turning north, so while Tampa got hit (I guess) with the full force of an operational hurricane, all we got here in Chez Boca was maybe hurricane class 1 type winds and rain.

We lost internet connectivity (our DSL failed way before our power did, and as of this writing (3:00 am) we've been sans power for about twelve hours now.

The only weird thing to have happened was around 8:30 am Sunday as the storm was approaching. The door bell rang suddenly, and when I looked out the peep hole, I could have sworn I saw someone at the front screen door. The person wasn't there very long, for when I looked back to make sure I saw what I saw, no one was there! Dun dun dun!

Sleeping in the bedroom was difficult, as the bougainvillea was trying its damdest to get inside out of the storm. It was a horrible racket that made sleeping difficult. And yes, that's pretty much what we did today—sleep. Not much else to do except listen to the squeals of the UPSs as the power finally died.

So now the storm is past. We're one of the few neighborhoods here in Boca without power (as is usual for our area). So unless the power is back on in the morning, we shall be hooking up the generator! Dun dun dun!

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