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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The last day of summmer vacation

Today is the last day Bunny and I are in Brevard. We met with an old college friend George at 12 Bones, a well known barbeque restaurant in Asheville. It was quite the interesting place, located between the river and a railroad among graffiti filled buildings. And there was a line out the door. Like I said, it's well known in the area.

The food was good. And plentiful. Both Bunny and I had the ribs with the pineapple habanero BBQ sauce, and yes, it had a definite bite to it.

Afterwards, Bunny and I headed to the WNC Farmer's Market, also in Asheville. We are now the proud owners of a peck of peaches, a bushel of tomatoes and a seemingly endless supply of corn. My car now smells like the produce section of a supermarket.

Not that I'm complaining.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot post any more pictures to the blog (the circumstance—I upload the pictures to my server at home for processing, but there was a power outtage that lasted longer than the UPS; bummer!). I wish I could, because then you could see the graffiti filled buildings surrounding 12 Bones, and the very scary looking bee at the WNC Farmer's Market (but in reality, your imagination will probably be scarier than the real thing).

Tomorrow, the long drive back to Florida!

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