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Monday, Debtember 26, 2016

Kris Kringle is down! I repeat, Kris Kringle is down!

I was talking with Bunny when my hand came down and knocked one of the many Santas she had on display. We both saw it falling, and while the entire event played out in slow motion, with seconds stretching out to minutes, there was nothing we could do to move fast enough save Santa from crashing onto the floor.

His left leg snapped off at the knee, while his right leg shattered into splintered shards across the floor.

[Ouch!  That had to hurt!]

Bunny said not to worry about it, accidents happen. But I felt bad about breaking Santa. Who wants to break Santa?

So I spent the next few hours putting the 3-D jigsaw puzzle of a leg back together again. It took time because I had to not only figure out what piece went where, but glue the piece in, and wait until it dried hard enough to handle for the next piece.

[“Yeah, I still can't feel muh legs, but thanks anyway!”]

And there, good as new. Nothing a little black paint can't hide.

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[The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades]

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