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Tuesday, Debtember 22, 2015

Here's a hilarious one: This wealthy consciousness of depression can be observed in the reflector of your soul, Eliza, as a reflection of a contract.

Mindestens ebenso genial ist eine Idee, die aus technischen Problemen leider nicht die Mindestwortzahl erreichte: „The Psychotherapy Of Racter Or The Descent Into Madness Of Dr. Eliza“ lässt zwei legendäre Pseudo-Intelligenzen der Computergeschichte gegeneinander antreten: Weizenbaums simplen, aber effektiven Psychoanalyse-Algorithmus Eliza und den assoziativ auf Nutzereingaben reagierenden 80er-Jahre Textgenerator Racter, eine Art Eliza auf Drogen, von seinen Schöpfern auch als „Artificial Insanity“ bezeichnet. » “Brass. Brass. Brass.”: Beim NaNoGenMo werden Algorithmen zum Roman- Autor

Oh cool! The Psychotherapy Of Racter Or The Descent Into Madness Of Dr. Eliza was mentioned in a German news site! And for those of you who can't read German:

Equally awesome is an idea that unfortunately did not reach the minimum number of words for technical problems: "The Psychotherapy Of Racter Or The Descent Into Madness Of Dr. Eliza" leaves two legendary pseudo- intelligences of computer history against each other: Weizenbaum's simple but effective Psychoanalyse- Eliza algorithm and the associative responsive to user inputs 80s Text Generator Racter, a kind of Eliza on Drugs, by its creators as "Artificial Insanity" means.

Google Translate

The Google translation is probably more amusing to read than The Psychotherapy Of Racter Or The Descent Into Madness Of Dr. Eliza.

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