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Saturday, Debtember 12, 2015

Rolling dice with the holidays

So, you want to run a holiday-themed adventure for your tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) campaign. Let’s skip ahead: yes, you really want to run one. No, you don’t care that they’re usually contrived and heavy-handed attempts to run a joke into the ground. Alas, you don’t have any other ideas right now – or, worse, you have this one killer idea, and you’re all agog to make your vision a reality. Have I summed it up properly?

Second… everybody’s done Halloween, everybody’s done Thanksgiving, everybody’s done Christmas. Maybe try a different holiday to mine for ideas? Easter may be cutting it a little too close to the bone for your more conventionally religious players (yes, we exist); but have you considered the roleplaying possibilities in, say, Arbor Day? That sounds like a reasonable holiday for something suitably druidic, particularly if there’s a rampage involved. Also, very few people get upset about a campaign messing about with the very idea of Arbor Day.

Via Instapundit, Gaming Out the Holidays, and Why You Should Think Hard Before Doing It | PJ Media

In all the years of playing an RPG I don't think I ever recall playing a holiday-themed adventure. And I've played in some very off-the-wall RPGs over the years (piñata golems anyone?).

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