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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A little rain, a little T-Rex, and a totally not there waitron

It was a beautiful day to visit Renninger's Extravaganza.

[The Big Blue Room is a bit grey today. We might want to call maintenance and have them look at the problem.]

That pesky bright sun will be kept at bay, and the warm rain and sudden increase in humidity is good for the soul, right?

Bunny had already made one trip early in the morning and found a wonderful deal on a banjo—her banjo lessons weren't going all that great without one, you see. She arrived back, pulled me out of bed and after a rather disappointing lunch at Perkins (the food was eh, but our waitron was not at all there mentally—Bunny ordered a BLT sandwich and received a salad with bacon, lettuce, tomato and croutons; right ingredients, wrong form) we arrived at Renningers.

By now it was less crowded it was this morning and we walked around a bit. About the only thing I saw that held any interest to me was a seven foot metal sculpture of a T-Rex eating a bull.

[Mmmmm ... beef!  Nom nom nom!]

But sadly, it wouldn't fit in our vehicle (much less my office at The Ft. Lauderdale Office of The Corporation) so we had to pass it up.

We were there for perhaps an hour before it started pouring rain. It was then we decided we had enough of the place and headed back to our hotel to rest and for Bunny to practice the banjo.

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