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Sunday, November 08, 2015


I'm not a big James Bond fan. I don't hate the movies, but I don't feel a compulsion to go out of my way to watch the movies. In fact, the only two James Bond movies I can recall seeing in a movie theater are “Never Say Never Again” (which, despite being a James Bond movie, wasn't a James Bond movie) and “Skyfall.” But Bunny wanted to see “Spectre” and so, we see “Spectre.”

I liked the movie. It keeps continuity with the previous Daniel Craig Bond movies. There are the exciting chases, good fight choreography where you can actually follow the action and the action sequences only go mildly over the top (you know, to keep it “realistic”). And they even introduce the classic Bond villian Blofeld. It also manages to update the character and place him in a modern context as the plot revolves around the possible dissolution of the Double-0 program and what will replace it.

I had no issue with Léa Seydoux as this movie's Bond Girl™ even though she's an unconventional beauty, but Bunny didn't feel she was glamourous enough. Although, compared to Grace Jones from “A View to a Kill” …

I don't think I like the “twist” this movie has as it comes across as a typical Hollywood “twist to just have a twist.” Leave that out and it's still a fine movie—it didn't need to be there at all (but I may have given it away if you are up on your typical Hollywood tropes).

Overall, I think it's worth seeing, if nothing more than it's clear that this is Daniel Craig's last Bond outing.

Update on Monday, November 9th, 2015

If you are curious about the twist, and don't mind spoilers, well ... “‘Spectre’ and How the Ghosts of Old Movies Become Bad Twists.”

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