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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Made from the heart of a fallen star and forged in the fires of a master smith is a knife that can even impress Anthony Bourdain

When it comes to chef, author, and professional foodie Anthony Bourdain, you never know quite what to expect, but you can bet your lucky stars it will make you feel inferior in every way. His latest blasé dive into cool, titled Raw Craft With Anthony Bourdain, is a collaboration with the The Balvenie Distillery that aims to dig up some of he world’s best-kept craftsmen (and women). In the latest episode, he heads to a workshop in Olympia, Washington to meld two of our favorite things: food and space rocks.

Knife maker extraordinaire Bob Kramer is one of just 122 recognized master bladesmiths in the U.S. His creations can fetch astronomical (no pun intended) prices at auction, in part because of the incredible detail that goes into making them, and because they’re made of meteorite. “When you think about it, they represent man’s first encounter with a solid chunk of iron – these star stones,” he says.

Via Instapundit, Anthony Bourdain Melts a Meteorite to Make a Beautiful Blade | Nerdist

It's not so much Anthony Bourdain melting a meteorite than it is watching Anthony Bourdain watching Bob Kramer melt a meteorite to form an ingot of steel from which he makes a custom, one of a kind, chef's knife that, if you have to ask, you can't afford. You (and I) are probably not worthy of even holding, much less using, this chef's knife is much cheaper than I expected! I was easily expecting the price to be at least twice that amount, so it's a relative “cheaper” not an absolute “cheaper.” I was also not expecting it be to for sale through the Intarwebs. Go figure!

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