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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

“a cage for half a dosen of hennys or chekyn to have with yow in the galey, for ye schal have nede unto them meny tymes.”

“Guard your face carefully from the enormous insects,” instructs the guide for 12th-century pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, “and if you do not watch your feet carefully, you will slip rapidly up to your knees in the quicksand.”

I hereby share some of this bounty with 21st-century travelers. Whatever the nature of your next voyage, this advice should help you get there and back again without falling victim to thieves, plagues or enormous insects. (You’ll have to find your own coping mechanisms for jet lag and selfie- stick malfunction.)

Seat location is also important. Wey offers this compelling advice: If you go in a galley, choose a seat in the top level, because the lowest level is “ryght smolderyng hote and stynkyng.” Similarly, Brasca cautioned that the traveler “should take care to arrange in good time — especially if given to suffering from the head on account of the movement of the sea — to have his lodging in the middle of the galley and near a middle door in order to have a little air.” …

Via Hacker News, What tips for traveling have changed since medieval times? Surprisingly few. - The Washington Post

Wow! To think that even 500 years ago they were complaining about conditions in coach!

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