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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shaun the Sheep Movie

What a wonderful movie. Shaun the Sheep just wants a day off from the daily grind of farm life, but an accident sends the Farmer into the Big City and it's up to Shaun and the rest of the flock to rescue him while avoiding the Animal Control Officer. It's just a delightful film without one word of dialog (not that dialog is even needed in this movie).

The oddest trailer I've ever seen

Of course there were trailers, and I saw the oddest trailer I've ever seen. It was for an animated film movie (because Bunny and I were waiting to watch an animated film movie) so nothing odd there. But it was in Spanish.

I've never seen a trailer for a foreign film movie that wasn't in English.

But it gets odder.

It was subtitled!

Okay, yes, it makes sense for a film movie in a foreign language to be subtitled. But this wasn't a film movie—this was the trailer for a film movie. And not just for a film movie, but an animated film movie!

Granted, I've seen subtitled animated films movies before but they weren't exactly aimed at mainstream American audiences but direct imports, usually from Japan, but I suppose some could exist from elsewhere in the world.

Odder still, the voice over, you know, the typical trailer voice over that typically begins “In a world about a land with time,” that type of voice over, was in English!

So Bunny and I saw a trailer for a sub-titled Spanish animated film movie with an English voice over.

About chickens and eggs.

I got nothing.

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