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Friday, June 05, 2015

It's such a buggy day

“There's an FPL truck in the neighborhood.”

“Well, that explains why I couldn't log onto my home computer.”

Bunny and I were coming home from an errand to Lowes. Bunny was picking up supplies for a project and I wanted to test the Wi-Fi hotspot on my iPhone. The Wi-Fi hotspot worked wonderfully.

But logging into my home computer, not so much. I figured something was going on, perhaps the Monopolistic Phone Company's DSL going down again but no, it was FPL again.


Normally, I type my entries into a text file which I mail to mod_blog. But to do that, I need to send the entry to my email server. And to do that, I need to be logged into my now powerless computer. But wait, I thought, I have a web inerface to mod_blog, I should use that!

Only, the last change I made broke the web interface (technobabble: the editing template had a field for Facebook but I removed all support for Facebook; mod_blog couldn't find support for the Facebook portion of the template which caused there is some memory corruption somewhere in the code—I need to track that down. Can you tell I use the web interface often?).

Just as my iPhone was running out of power.


Fortunately, FPL restored power just then, and I was able to remove the offending portion of the template, and I'm now trying this yet again through the web interface (on my iPad) running through the iPhone hotspot just to make sure it works in an emergency. I'm going to have to debug mod_blog some more before I can use the web interface; the EPS isn't quite up to snuff.

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