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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The more things change


HTTP2 is finally here (link via Hacker News). I'm not happy about it, but what can I (or you) do? It's a done deal.

Part of the reason I don't like it is that it seems as if Google pushed this for their own needs.

You have a completely warped perspective here.

This is something Google pushed, so that Google can have as many tracking cookies as they like when you browse the internet, without the cookies causing a noticeable performance degradation because a http request might exceed the American DSLs MTU size.

This was one of the primary engineering criterias. No really.

There's no features in it for the user.

You have a completely warped perspective here. This is something Google pushed,… | Hacker News

Google is now in a position to dictate the architecture of the web. Sure, one could ignore Google and blithely go about their web business, but really, if you want to even have a chance of being found on the web, you follow the dictates commands of Google! Heck, even I kept mucking with my blog until I got the “okay” from Google (although there were other reasons I did the change besides Google, notice I didn't stop until Google said I was okay). And don't think Google will stop there (which is another rant for another time).

Another reason I don't like HTTP2 is that, as written, it's TCP over TCP. I can understand why they did it that way, but it's sad that for as much power as Google has, even they couldn't force a more sensible change.


Plus ça change, plus ils deviennent énervant.

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