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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Small websites need not apply

Hoade and I were exchanging emails about AdWords today. He's trying to get his writing career into overdrive, seeing how every other job he's tried never worked out. I advised him against AdWords unless someone else was footing the bill, as it can get expensive.

[I'm amused that the GoogleAI has realized that lots of people don't think too highly of AdWords.]

I've also heard first hand that AdWords wasn't worth the money spent on it.

On the flip side, I found that AdSense wasn't worth it for me. Sure, if my blog had a bit more focus, like I was writing about gendered bodies in Japanese pornographic anime and horror through a Foucauldian framwork in order to analyze the West's gaze upon the world, Google would have had a better time generating related advertising towards the blog, but alas, my blog isn't that focused and the ads I did get were bizarre. And it didn't help me that not many people were seeing the ads.

Things might have changed since my last experiment with AdSense (or what I heard about AdWords), but I still cautioned Hoade about wasting money on AdWords. I feel he would do better by getting his name out there on podcasts and web-based forums. At least that way, he won't spend any money.

Last words from Hoade:

Just to add a little coda to our AdWords / Facebook ads convo, the for-real serious consensus seems to be "Maybe it could work. Do some A/b testing with your massive pile of ad money. One way might could work gooder than another." Not even XXXXXXX kidding.

Actual quote: "She ended up with a 1.3 percent click-through rate, which is actually very good." I believe this is true, but lord, it doesn't make you run for your checkbook.

Yeah, I'm thinking small sites need not apply.

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