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Friday, March 20, 2015

Glue, glue, glue, glue, lots of glue.

First thing today, finish up gluing the sides for the other half of the box.

[If this looks remarkedly like the sides of the other half, it's because it is.  No sense taking a picture that will look remarkedly like this one when I can just reuse this one.]

That done, I “dry fit” the pieces to see approximately what the box will end up looking like.

[Remarkably like this.  Amazing how that works.]

I also wanted the two halves to be the same, so the box would lay flat when open.

[The insides look a bit rough, but that's okay—I'll be adding felt to hide the crimes, so to speak.]

When gluing up the sides, I went to the pain of matching up the wood grain as best as possible so that when the box was closed, it would look decent. I think I did a good enough job at that, especially since that was a last minute thought as I was arranging the sides for gluing.

I'm also planning on making the grain of the top and bottom flow as well:

[Not like anyone will ever notice this detail unless I point it out.]

So now it's just a matter of gluing the top and botton onto the sides of the box.

[Once this piece is done, I'll do the other one, which again, will look remarkably like this.]

Between glue-ups, Bunny and I headed out to Lowes Home Improvement Store, as we both needed to pick up some hardware for the projects we're working on. In my case, that's home hinges and a latch of some kind. For such a simple task, it took a unreasonably long time to find the appropriate hardware for the job. The hinges were fairly easy, but finding replacement brass screws short enough so they wouldn't poke through the other side was tough (the packet of hinges came with screws about ½″ long—a bit too long for the width of the wood I'm using). Harder to find was an appropriate latch for the box. Most of them were just too large to use, and even the one I eventually bought, while it will fit, one side will extend up past the edge of the box.

But they're brass and they should look decent on the box.

Tomorrow, it's felt, felt, felt, and oh, did I mention the felt?

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