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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

99 ways to program a hex, Part 31, has been delayed indefinitely

Yesterday's version is the last version I'll be posting for now. When I was initially inspired, I ripped through a majority of what you've seen in just three days. It's not really surprising given that a majority of the “variations” differed by a line or two of code.

But I've run out. And now, having done 21 variations in C (one more than I originally planned), five in Lua (I could do one more in Lua—the actual original code I based the Lua versions off of, but oddly enough, it doesn't actually handle files), two in a dialect of BASIC I can't currently test and two I didn't expect in C♯ (both submitted by Jeff Cuscutis), I don't think I have it in me to do many more.

I've exhausted C. And I pretty much exhausted Lua, which are my two “go to” languages these days. I could probably push out a couple of Perl versions, and a PHP version (PHP does not have nearly the expressiveness of Lua or even Perl to bother with more than one version) but that's about the limit.

There are a few other languages I could do (Common Lisp, Scheme, SNOBOL (seriously!), Forth, Awk, Erlang, Python and Ruby) but those would require significant time hitting up documentation and what not because I don't know those langauges all that well (if at all).

So I'll probably continue this series, but it'll probably be a post or two every few months and not every XXXXXXX day as I have been doing.

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