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Monday, Debtember 05, 2011

Nice move ISP—people who forward spam to the spam complaint department will have their email flagged as spam and dropped immediately

Okay, that was amusing.

Normally, I post entries via email. I get to use an editor I'm used to using and I don't have to type in a small text field using whatever the web browser thinks is a capable editor (it never is).

But when I went to “post” my previous entry it never showed up. I could see my computer here delivering the email, but I never saw it show up on my server.

“But Sean,” you say, “if you saw your computer deliver the email, but your server never got it … um … how does that work?”

“Glad you ask,” I say, knowing full well that you didn't really ask at all. My ISP blocks all outbound email except through their servers. So I had to configure my local email server at Chez Boca to deliver my email through The Monopolistic Phone Company server, which usually then delivers the email to my server which ends up posting an entry to the blog.

So, my computer here delivered the post to The Monopolistic Phone Company, where it seems it was immedately swallowed up, no doubt marked as spam because it quoted extensively from a … um … well … “questionable” email. So I'm sure my email was automatically classified as spam and dumped directly into the bit bucket.

Now watch as in a few hours the two copies I sent show up posted here.

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