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Friday, August 12, 2011

In thinking about it, I think a solid rubber ball would be more reliable than the Monopolistic Phone Company

All I want is a way to get onto the Internet. In other words—all I need is a pipe.

I don't need crap software that requires 1GB of memory and sucks up 100MB of disk space just to configure a stupid DSL modem.

I especially don't want said software to reset DSL password on my behalf after sitting there doing apparently nothing for five solid minutes. What the XXXX?

And I really hate being redirected by the DSL provider to a webpage saying I have the wrong password and then trying to force an install of software on my computer to rectify the problem.

Thank you so much, Monopolistic Phone Company. You've made my Internet experience so much worse.

Is it too much to ask for a XXXXXXXXX simple pipe?

Apparently it is …

[Some background information: earlier this week the DSL connection started bouncing like a hard rubber ball. The wait time for local help was twenty minutes into the future, indefinitely, but immediate help was available from the Bangalore Help Desk™. All the Bangalore Help Desk™ could do was send a new modem; they couldn't authorize a test of the DSL line. Fine, we elected for the new modem. We'll see if this stops the hard rubber ball DSL line from bouncing up and down.]

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