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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perhaps RACTER ghostwrites this guy's blog?

"Angela Smith" <>
Link Request
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 12:46:55 +0500


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I get these “link exchange” emails from time to time and for the most part I ignore them. But this one I just had to share; not the email per se nor the website in question but for the owner's blog:

Seriously now, I think the executive along with the rank and file of the UAW should rise up and be reliably counted upon to use as their one and only source of fresh cut flowers in all seasons and for any, all and no particular reason at all. After all I am about to weave yet another fine product from General Motors into a hectic day and a story of approval that at one time would have ranked as quite out of character. In ‘Vase Runner’ I lauded their behemoth Suburban on a marathon run and now I find myself waxing on about a plain vanilla sedan that seems to have entered the market place to little fanfare, perhaps because it coincided with “The General” slipping into “Government Motors” and the over reaching overdrive gear.

Whatever, It's comfortable seat and serenely quiet interior still lie a thousand miles south of a warm bed and another 4 am PDX trek. My car parks ( it knows its own way ) at blue R7, the Rosetta Stone experiment that is the bus from economy parking to the terminal is as punctual as ever and of course my considerable monetary infusion to Alaska Airlines goes a long way in aiding all the free flying enjoyed by airline staff and families, not to mention allowing just the odd day of work for those with inordinate seniority. Numerous days away from the job being essential to the storing up of sufficient surliness and bile that qualifies one to be cabin crew, and whoo hoo, even the beer in hand emergency slide operator on more than a few of today's airlines. Just this week I was chatting with a Delta Platinum passenger who in three months of assiduous looking over 60,ooo miles had yet to find a cabin crew member who had earned one of the accolades that Delta HQ wants their premium passengers to award to staff for simply doing their job with pleasant and helpful demeanor. You would not accept that of your pizza delivery person yet after dropping $500, $2000 or even more for a plane fare you to take it from any number of personnel attached to the aircraft … and keep mute.

Ms.Malibu « Mark’s Bloomin’ Journal

Seriously, from a florist.

It just goes on and on with this rambling stream-of-conscience keyword laden verbal diarrhea. Even better, it appears that all the blog entries from Mark's Bloomin' Journal are like that.


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