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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Alas, poor Clusty! I knew it, Horatio: a search engine of infinite results …

YIPPY is foremost the world's first fully-functioning virtual computer. A cloud-based worldwide LAN, YIPPY has turned every computer into a terminal for itself. On the surface, YIPPY is one-stop shopping for the web surfing needs of the average consumer. YIPPY is an all-inclusive media giant; incorporating television, gaming, news, movies, social networking, streaming radio, office applications, shopping, and much more—all on the fastest internet browser available today.

Yippy » About

I wish I could say the above was a joke (but you should read the rest of the above page purely for its entertainment value—the buzzword quotient on that page is pure comedy gold), but alas, it is not. Some company called Yippy has bought Clusty and turned what used to be my favorite (if occasionally used) search engine into some LSD-induced happy land of conservative values:, its sub-domains and other web based products (such as but not limited to the Yippy Browser) may censor search results, web domains and IP addresses. That is, Yippy may remove from its output, in an ad-hoc manner, all but not limited to the following:

  1. Politically-oriented propaganda or agendas
  2. Pornographic Material
  3. Gambling content
  4. Sexual products or sites that sell same
  5. Anti-Semitic views or opinions
  6. Anti-Christian views or opinions
  7. Anti-Conservative views or opinions
  8. Anti-Sovereign USA views or opinions
  9. Sites deemed inappropriate for children

Yippy » Censorship

I cannot (even if I may agree with some of the above) in good conscience, endorse such censorship from a search engine, nor if I refuse to use it, force others to use it. Even my own site has gambling content on it so thus I too, could be censored (or at least my site from search results). Not to mention it encourages people to report “questionable content:”

Yippy users are our greatest defense against objectionable material. Should a keyword or website by found that returns this kind of material it may be reported in the CONTACT US tab located on the landing page of the Yippy search engine. Our staff will quickly evaluate all responses and reply back within 24 hours for a resolution notice. We thank you in advance for helping keep Yippy the greatest family friendly destination online today.

Yippy » Terms of Service

Thus, I'm going back to Google, and have removed Clusty (sigh) from my site.

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